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For the past 8 years, the Merry Mac band has seen its share of creating fun parties, wine events, weddings and club dates around the Sacramento region with no signs of letting up. They are known for playing a really fun mix of classic rock, sultry blues and country cover songs, in addition to acoustic performances from artists such as Aretha Franklin, Gretchen Wilson, Linda Rondstadt, Adele, Aerosmith and country favorites like  Shania Twain and Maren Morris to name a few.


Originally formed back in 2012, a round of Craigslist ads set out by guitarist Adolfo Galindo led to finding drummer/vocalist Kevin Madsen, lead vocalist Shaina Kennedy, and keyboardist/vocals Ed Denz. The original concept of the band was to branch out from just being “another classic rock or country band”, but rather, covering music favorites crowds, young and old, can appreciate. While onstage, the band keeps it's sense of fun and music edge, and their performances never fail to deliver a great time for the crowds.

Whenever Merry Mac gets together to rehearse, there’s a lot of joking around and sometime a spontaneous” jams session finds its way around to a flurry of covers ranging from Led Zeppelin to Lady Gaga.. It’s in this process the band explores almost every genre of music, including the B sides (for those of you who still remember vinyl records) and other fun covers most band miss out. In addition, the members of Merry Mac enjoy a strong music camaraderie and friendship while keeping a balance between family, work and performing.  Rehearsing truly becomes something the band looks forward to during the week to cut loose, have fun, and prepare for the next gig date.​

Shaina is the youngest member of band and  only very recently  has  caught on to listening to  other great classic rock groups. Her parents encouraged singing and performing early on, and while studying law, she used singing as a way to cope with the stresses of college exams and courses. When  not rehearsing with the band, Shaina enjoys reading and being with family. Merry Mac is her first band.

Drummer Kevin Madsen is a veteran of the Bay Area club  scene and former member of “The Likes”. An extremely versatile percussionist and vocalist, Mr. Madsen is greatly responsible for keeping the band on steady ground and arranging vocal harmonies.  Finally, there's Ralph Kearns, keyboard/drummer extraordinaire.Ralph recently joined the band to fill in for keyboardist Ed Denz, who has retired and moved up to Washington state to be with family. Mr. Kearns brings a wealth of music taste and diversity, in addition to great vocals and awesome fun and musicianship to help round out the line-up. Audiences at a Merry-Mac performance can't get enough of the band and they are favorites everywhere they go. Check them out!